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With the alluc API third party apps and developers can access allucs index of video and download links and execute full text search queries to find video-hoster or cyberlocker links related to any topic.

Update 16.05.2016: The API now also supports searching the pron.tv index.


If you would like to use the alluc API in a third party app which relies on allucs data, you can sign up on accounts.alluc.com and receive free API access for personal use.

The app you are using will likely require you to enter your alluc username & password or API-key.


Developers can now get API access with higher quotas on api.alluc.com.

If you are unsure whether to go for full developer access, feel free to create a regular user account and give it a try with low daily quota (personal keys may not be accessible from some IP-ranges).

All beta-tester developer accounts created before Nov. 2. 2015 will remain active until Dec 10. 2015.

API documentation